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If you want to correct safely and effectively wrinkles such as crow's feet, folds or furrows, dark circles, wrinkles around the lips, etc. undoubtedly hyaluronic acid fillers are your best option.


This treatment is ideal to increase the volume of the lips and achieve greater definition, always maintaining a natural and harmonious appearance. With them you can increase the cheekbones, cheeks and chin.


The best thing is that the hyaluronic acid filling is made of components that we naturally have in our skin, so they are the safest and also reabsorb in a period of 12 to 18 months.

























































  • It can be easily placed in consultation. 

  • It does not require an operating room.

  • Does not require hospitalization.

  • Normally it does not require more anesthesia than the one included in the product.

  • Produces good results in cases where it is correctly indicated.

  • The results are appreciated immediately.

  • There are no problems in adding more product in successive visits, if necessary.

  • Being resorbable, if there is an excess in any area, or if the result is not satisfactory, the passage of time will eliminate it.




  • When containing a local anesthetic, it can not be used in patients allergic to local anesthesia.

  • There may be some degree of local redness and transient discomfort in the injection area.

  • The product must be administered by injection.

  • The results are not permanent.

  • To maintain the effect, the injection must be repeated.

  • Like any other injectable product, it is subject to complications.

  • It is not indicated in patients subject to treatments that involve local aggressions of the skin (laser treatments, chemical peels, etc.) in the area to be injected.

  • Patients who are taking substances that affect coagulation (Aspirin® derivatives, anti-inflammatories, vitamin E, anticoagulants) may experience more bleeding at the injection sites and an increased risk of experiencing bruises.




In general, the injection of hyaluronic acid has few limitations. However, it is recommended that during the first 24 hours you refrain from sunbathing, exposing yourself to very hot environments, drinking alcohol or doing intense physical exercise. Patients who do not keep these precautions have a higher risk of experiencing pain, redness, swelling and itching in the treated areas.

The swelling can be controlled with moderate cold applications in the treated areas.




It is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to any component of the formulation and in the presence of infection in the area of ​​application. It is also contraindicated for pregnant or lactating women.



  • HYDRO: is designed specifically for deep rehydration, restoring the skin's luminosity and elasticity. The product is ideal for the treatment of the face, hands, neck and décolletage.

  • SOFT: Raven of feet and perioral lines.

  • BALANCE: frown lines, nasolabial folds, puppet lines, contour of the lips, volume of the lips, oral corners.

  • INTENSE: nasolabial folds, puppet lines, contour of the lips, volume of the lips, oral commissures, Cupid's bow.

  • VOLUME: reconstitutes and restores facial volumes in different areas, for example: cheeks, cheekbones, chin and temples.

Hyaluronic acid is available in different presentations with different densities, to fill fine wrinkles, deeper folds or provide volume in more important areas.

Forehead lines

Frown lines

Mouth and chin lines

Periorbital lines (Crow's feet)

Nasolabial folds (wrinkles between the nose and mouth)



Dark circles (tired eyes)

Facial Rejuvenation

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