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MICROPIGMENTATION, is an aesthetic specialty whose objective is to correct, modify, beautify and balance SEMI-PERMANENT certain facial or body features through the implementation of pigments at the epidermal level.

Eyebrow micropigmentation technique hair by hair or shading.


The hair-to-hair eyebrow gives a very elegant look, you can make your eyebrow thicker without seeing the color too heavy and strong in your eye, with this hair-by-hair eyebrow technique you will be tattooing hair by hair giving a very natural look.


The hair-by-hair eyebrow is one of the most demanded techniques you may have lost your hair by some chemotherapy treatment or almost all of the hair or you may only look to enhance your eyebrows and improve their appearance and make it very natural.





Attended by


Noemi Alvarez González

Cosmiatra specialist in Micropigmentation


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